Careers In Construction


There are many reasons why choosing a career in construction is a smart move.  For instance:

  • There are jobs.  The demand for skilled workers is ever present.  What’s more, over the next ten years the baby boomers will be retiring. Employers will need to fill the gaps they leave with skilled, savvy, smart people. Why not be one of them?
  • If you’ve been made redundant and the mortgage is a worry or you’re limping along from temp job to temp job then construction work could be the answer.
  • The money is good. As is the job satisfaction. You’ll work on rewarding projects with people you love working for and with.
  • You can start earning money – and fast.
  • You can build –quite literally in some instances– a lifelong construction career.
  • You can follow a meaningful construction career path. One with promotion opportunities that will help you attain whatever standard of living you desire.
  • You can travel – there are opportunities for employment in overseas construction.
  • The British construction industry is working towards being a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • There’s a role for everyone working in construction.  From bricklaying and joinery to planning and CAD operations, there’s over 150 different roles in the construction industry.


The usual route into the construction and engineering employment sectors is a non-graduate one. Many jobs are considered to be low-skilled.  Yet technical and administrative work, such as maintenance engineers for example, will need a degree or other higher level qualification.

Most trades have NVQ (levels 3-7) certifications associated with them. The NEBOSH health and safety certification is recommended too. The NEBOSH national general certificate is a widely held UK health & safety qualification. It’s designed to give staff at all levels a broad understanding of health and safety issues and how to safely manage risks. It gives a sound overview and is a solid platform from which to undertake further professional study,

It’s worth noting that work in the construction industry is not always nine to five. The hours are often long and can be infrequent. You’ll often have to focus on more than one project so you’ll need to be adaptable. And you’ll definitely have to be a team worker. Neither the Shard nor the Empire State Building got built without teamwork!

Yet there are rewards. The financial rewards can be substantial. But beyond that – there’s great potential for excitement and job satisfaction. Construction, as we’ve seen, can mean high profile projects. And it could be you working on them.


There’s  no escaping that the stereotype of paunches and builder’s bum remains prevalent. Put another way – the industry is male-dominated.

But hold onto your hard hat. For there’s now a growing number of training courses and work placements aimed at getting women into construction.

Become a role model and start challenging those perceptions! You never know – you could end up being a contender in the ‘Women in Construction Awards’ – now in its 9th year.


Endless job hunting is difficult and disheartening. We get that. You keep sending off CVs and wondering if anyone is even reading them.

Well – there’s another way. There’s the TCS Contracts way.

Our systems and our combined expertise allows us to say to you:

‘We’ve got a great job in your sector, in an established company, that’s near to you. The people you’d be working with are a good bunch. They’re keen and are paying a good rate.  If you’re interested we can arrange an interview.’

We’ll help you to find the job you need with the best construction companies around. In turn that will progress your career, give you job satisfaction and an improved work life balance.

In a nutshell: We’ll do the donkey work for you. What’s not to love?


We give aftercare for the first three months. We keep in touch with you and the employer to make sure there’s no issues anywhere. Because it might be something we can resolve.

We’ve got good relationships with the construction companies we work with. That means we can have private, off-records chats with you or the company and find a way to work it out.  

It’s important to us that you’re happy and the company is happy. It’s in no-one’s interest to abandon you to your fate.

You’ll have our details so you can get help at any time if you’re unhappy in a role.

And for all those reasons we won’t put place you in any old job.

Why would we? You’d be unhappy and leave. That would annoy the client. And we’d have extra work!

It’s in everyone’s best interest that we only put you forward for jobs that are suitable for your skills, your personality and your needs. Otherwise we’re wasting everyone’s time. And that’s not the TCS way.


You might at this point be thinking ‘Hmmm, sounds great. But is it too good to be true? What will happen if the new job doesn’t work out?’  

It’s a valid concern and a fair question. Don’t worry – we don’t send you out into the wild blue yonder with a sandwich in your pocket and no back up.

We keep on supporting you after you’ve found your construction job. We know that sometimes a job doesn’t work out. For all sorts of reasons. If that happens to you we’ll help you to find another job at no cost to you.


When you’re looking for a job – in construction or anything else for that matter – location is key. It’s all well and good landing a great job with a great salary but not so good when it’s eaten up in travel costs. Not to mention the time added to your day in commuting.

TCS will find you the right work for you – near to you. We’re the right choice for the blue-collar jobs and white collar jobs that you seek.

We vet the work we offer so you’ve got assurance of the integrity of the businesses we send you to.


It takes just a few minutes to register with TCS and it’s FREE:Once you’ve completed all the fields in the form a member of the TCS team will contact you. They’ll discuss your registration with you and talk about available jobs that are a fit with your qualities, qualifications and expertise.

Please attach your CV where indicated. Don’t worry if you don’t have one – TCS can help design one for you.

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