Find the best local construction candidates before your competitors get to them

Does any of the following resonate/strike a chord with you?

  • You’re losing money
  • You’re getting behind schedule
  • You’ve got frustrated clients giving you a hard time
  • You’re in desperate need of short term cover due to sickness, holidays or paternity/maternity leave
  • You’re frustrated, fed up and stressed

You’re on this website so our guess is yes – it does. You need a construction recruitment agency and you need it fast.

But not any old construction employment agency. No. You don’t need that.

You need one that’s had years of practice in construction recruitment.

With our HQ in Swindon we’re well placed to manage our wide-reaching operation. Because we don’t restrict ourselves to our geographic region, TCS Contracts is your recruitment superhero. We have intelligent marketing systems to find candidates anywhere in the country, fast – before putting them through our rigorous vetting process.

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You can count on TCS Contracts. Our promise is that we’ll find you the best construction candidates faster than you can get your hard hat on

Here’s why and how:

  • Our 40 years combined experience makes us a force to be reckoned with in the field of construction recruitment.
  • Our gut instinct is fine tuned; we can quickly tell if a candidate is going to be a credit to you, and therefore us too. We will know what kind of person will fit into your company and seek out candidates that are personable as well as appropriately qualified. We have the experience and skill to identify who will gel with your team and not cause friction within half an hour of being on site.
  • We use this knowledge to extensively research companies that a candidate has come from, this way we can ensure their experience matches your needs.

We put as much effort into company research as into candidate research. Out of all this we shortlist suitable candidates.


We aren’t going to throw hundreds of CVs your way and expect you to sift through them.  Some recruiters might. Not TCS. We’re different to other construction recruitment companies.

We’ll create a shortlist of no more than FIVE suitable, quality checked candidates. Out of that list you can select two or three to interview.

We want repeat business just as much as you do. Which is why we won’t cook the books and send you people for the sake of it. If we’ve got no-one suitable, we’ll say so.


The construction candidates we present to you will have full reference checks from two previous employers. They’ll also have undergone a series of checks by us on:

  • Health
  • Convictions
  • Copies of appropriate qualifications – these will be available to you at interview so you can see they’re bona fide.
  • We’ll even do a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) if necessary

Put another way: We do the groundwork so you don’t have to. We have the knowledge, skill and investment in advanced technology to find your staff as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How much?

Our comprehensive service is yours for a fair and reasonable fee, please call us to find out more.


Teamwork is all important at TCS. There’ll be four or five of us working together on your project and contributing our wide-ranging skills to it.

Our fresh, young staff and experienced old hands complement each other to the benefit of all our candidates and clients.


Can you feel the relief already? Can you feel the weight lifting from your shoulders?

No more precious hours lost hunting for the right construction candidates to fill your vacancies.

No more worrying, once you found one, if they’ll work out,

With your new staff, selected to our exacting standards, you’ll invigorate your existing team. With new staff on board and the team enthused you can find the time to work ON the business as well as in it.

There’ll be time to plan, tender for new work, maybe even time to relax!

And there’s more ways that TCS will benefit your business.

With personnel gaps plugged and a smooth running business you will have grateful clients, this means two things:

  • Repeat business keeping your sales pipeline flowing freely.
  • Powerful word-of-mouth-recommendations. There’s nothing finer for bringing new business to your door.

Start finding candidates today. Change your state from desperate to delighted. Call: 01793 435399.

TCS Contracts provide an efficient and cost effective service. Our fees are realistic and our service is personal and consistent. We’ll find you great, fit for purpose candidates every time.


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